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Festive Yarn Necklace workshop

Want to meet like-minded women? Plus learn how to make a gorgeous chunky yarn necklace? Then head over to our festive workshop! Where Jane Moscardini will teach you how to create a beautiful home-made gift. 

11am – 2.30pm / Sunday 17th Nov 2019

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Sunday, 17 Nov 2019
Want to meet like-minded women? Plus learn how to make a gorgeous chunky yarn necklace? Then head over to ou...
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About Soul Care Newcastle 

Soul Care Newcastle is a meet-up for women, to provide workshops, new experiences along with a little love and self-care. Have you been looking to try something new? Maybe you’d like to meet new people? Well, that’s why I created  Soul Care Newcastle to inspire, energise and foster great conversations and friendships. Each workshop starts with a chat over a cuppa as we all get to know each other, then we learn a new craft or take part in a yoga, pilates or meditation session. I hope that you find joy in the bonds you forge here, as you will be part of a sisterhood of strong, independent and creative women.
Jane Soul Care

About the event organiser

Hi, I’m Jane Moscardini and I started Soul Care Newcastle in April 2018. I first set the group up on Meet-up. As when I returned to the UK after travelling, many of my friends had moved away. So I was keen to meet some new people.
I wanted to connect with like-minded inspirational women within the North East. This intention has sent me on an incredible journey, that journey has led to me creating a website specifically for Soul Care Newcastle.
I now organise and run women’s events every 4-6 weeks within Newcastle upon Tyne. The events have allowed me to make several new friends and for that I am incredibly grateful.
My hope is that I have created a space in which other women can do the same. I love hearing everyones stories and seeing the care, support and help that comes out of each event. It feels great to be part of building a local community of women of all ages. Who respect, appreciate and care about each other. 
If you’d like to join Soul Care Newcastle please sign up to our newsletter. 
Jane Xx  

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